We Got Worms

Our relationship with We Got Worms began in early 2020.  We were determined to find a way to recycle our spent tea leaves, and we had heard that worms are the best choice.  Our alternative to contributing more waste to landfills was to reach out to Walter, a worm farmer who was interested in checking out the leaves.  Obviously, the wrigglers loved their new food source and since that time, our relationship has grown.
Redworms, castings, and compost tea are some of the products provided by We Got Worms.  Local nurseries, farm supply stores, waste departments, and schools partner with them on various vermicomposting projects. Compost tea has been given out to gardeners by We Got Worms to allow them to experience the amazing benefits that this tea has to offer. By putting up bins in classrooms and demonstrating the importance of vermicomposting at science fairs, they have delivered lectures at schools and clubs to teach students the benefits of vermicomposting.  Founded in McMinnville, We Got Worms is a small family-owned company and their involvement in the community inspired Thirsty Leaf to recycle our leaves with their worms.