The Finest Brazilian Yerba Mate

We here at Thirsty Leaf believe strongly that, of all of our ingredients, finding the best Yerba Mate we could find was of critical importance to our customers. Yerba Mate is a complex plant, with subtle tastes and textures, and a long, wonderful history.  Finding the right Mate for our drinks & bulk teas – a Mate that was authentic & original whilst still smooth & refined enough was key when we first began brewing Tupa, the original, and has continued until today.  At present, we purchase all of our bulk Yerba Mate from a century-old specialist in the provision of high-quality Mate to clients around the world.

Founded in 1918 and based in Canoinhas, Brazil, our provider is an environmentally & socially balanced firm driven by ethical principles & values, including fair treatment of their growers.  Their location places them in the middle of the traditional Yerba Mate growing area, and their respect for the land, as well as the people and – lastly – their Yerba Mate, made them an easy choice for us.

Our future plans include working even more closely with every level of the supply chain, spending time with not just our friends in Canoinhas but their many growers & farmers as well.