Our Byproducts

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We Got Worms Our relationship with We Got Worms began in early 2020.  We were determined to find a way to recycle our spent tea leaves, and we had heard that worms are the best choice.  Our alternative to contributing more waste to landfills was to reach out to Walter, a worm farmer who was…

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Our Water

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Opal Springs Just as we were lucky enough to find a local, eco-conscious provider of flowers & flavors, not far from Portland is our single-source water supplier.  Given how incredibly important water is to us and our customers, we’ve chosen to get our water only from Opal Springs, Oregon, a rare, naturally occurring spring that…

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Our Flavors

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Wildish Botanicals In part because of the fact that we here at Thirsty Leaf are so proud of the fact that all of our flavors come from flowers instead of sugars or artificial sweeteners, we looked far & wide for the best producer of Organic Herbs & Flowers to help us craft our drinks.  Luckily,…

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Our Yerba Mate

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The Finest Brazilian Yerba Mate We here at Thirsty Leaf believe strongly that, of all of our ingredients, finding the best Yerba Mate we could find was of critical importance to our customers. Yerba Mate is a complex plant, with subtle tastes and textures, and a long, wonderful history.  Finding the right Mate for our…

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