Rupave is a fabulous blend of Yerba Mate, Spring Water, and two plants: Holy Basil (often referred to as “Tulsi”) & Nettle. Tulsi is an aromatic plant from the family Lamiacaeae. Widely used for thousands of years in the Asian subcontinent as an herbal tea & general medicinal remedy, Tulsi adds a crisp, lemony flavor to each bottle of Rupave we make. Nettle, with a sweet, almost peppery taste, adds yet more and extra health benefits, in particular its anti-inflammatory properties as well as healthy doses of Vitamins A, B & C and minerals like Potassium and Magnesium.


    Rich in Vitamins, C, A & B; Full of Magnesium & Potassium; Contains Required Amino Acids; Helps Reduce Inflammation; Lowers Blood Pressure; Helps Treat Hay Fever; Helps Reduce Stress; Aids Respiratory System; Good for Dental And Oral Health; Anti-Inflammatory; Arthritis Remedy; and Analgesic Properties


    Earthy, Herbaceous, Sweet, Peppery, Crisp, Peppery, Lemony, Licorice

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Tupã created both original man, Rupave, and original woman, Sypave, and it is after these two individuals that we have named it Rupave.

  • Available In: 16 oz Single Serving, 4 Pack, Sample 4 Pack, Case
  • Packaging: Recyclable Glass Bottle
  • Ingredients: Stinging Nettle and Holy Basil

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