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    Named after (somewhat mischievously) Pombero, the Guaraní god of mischief. Small and relatively unassuming-looking, Pombero was the Lord of the Siesta, and perhaps most importantly, the Protector of Yerba Mate. Appropriately, our Pombero is a blend of sweet, tart Hibiscus – a flower well known for its abilities to lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and help with depression. Combining it with Raspberry Leaf, a bold, fruity plant rich in vitamins C and D as well as antioxidants such as Flavinoids and Tannins.


    Used In Ancient Egypt; Lowers Body Temperature; Diuretic Aid; Lowers Blood Pressure; Reduces Blood Sugar; Helps Treat Depression; Full of Vitamin C; Rich In Vitamins and Minerals; Especially C and D; Contains Antioxidants; Tannins and Flavonoids; Iron, Zinc, Potassium Etc.; and Alleviates Symptoms of PMS


    Tart, Sweet, A Little Like Cranberries, Fruity, Earthy, Bold

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We think Pombero would’ve appreciated the tribute as much as we enjoy drinking it.

  • Available In: 12 oz Single Serving
  • Packaging: Recyclable Glass Bottle
  • Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Native Yerba Mate Leaves, Hibiscus and Raspberry Leaves

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  1. Larry Beard

    Full of flavor and so so sweet!

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