Rupave is a fabulous blend of Yerba Mate, Spring Water, and two plants: Holy Basil (often referred to as “Tulsi”) & Nettle. Tulsi is an aromatic plant from the family Lamiacaeae. Widely used for thousands of years in the Asian subcontinent as an herbal tea & general medicinal remedy, Tulsi adds a crisp, lemony flavor to each bottle of Rupave we make. Nettle, with a sweet, almost peppery taste, adds yet more and extra health benefits, in particular its anti-inflammatory properties as well as healthy doses of Vitamins A, B & C and minerals like Potassium and Magnesium.


    Rich in Vitamins, C, A & B; Full of Magnesium & Potassium; Contains Required Amino Acids; Helps Reduce Inflammation; Lowers Blood Pressure; Helps Treat Hay Fever; Helps Reduce Stress; Aids Respiratory System; Good for Dental And Oral Health; Anti-Inflammatory; Arthritis Remedy; and Analgesic Properties


    Earthy, Herbaceous, Sweet, Peppery, Crisp, Peppery, Lemony, Licorice


Tupã created both original man, Rupave, and original woman, Sypave, and it is after these two individuals that we have named it Rupave.

  • Available In: 12 oz Single Serving
  • Packaging: Recyclable Glass Bottle
  • Ingredients: Natural Spring Water, Native Yerba Mate Leaves, Stinging Nettle and Holy Basil [Tulsi] Leaves


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